Premium event

Microsoft Cloud is just One Step Beyond

31. mai 2018 - 8:00 à 12:00
Route des Avouillons 32, 1196 Gland

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One Step Beyond is pleased to invite you to a unique and exclusive event in “The Suisse Romande Cloud” at Safe Host.

The historical decision of Microsoft to launch their Cloud Platform in Switzerland, creates a unique set of opportunities for companies interested in efficiency and cost savings in one of the most secure environments in the world. 

The cloud delivers unparalleled agility, efficiency and innovation, but only when implemented through a comprehensive cloud vision and strategy supported by a state of the art infrastructure. 

Moving to the cloud is probably the single most significant technology shift your company will face over the next decade hence no business or IT executive can afford to overlook the critical risks posed by an inadequate understanding of security and governance.

However, when considering the cloud, many organizations neglect the need for the right balance of strategy, technology and governance that should be built into every cloud computing initiative. 
During this breakfast we will share with you our experience on how to successfully approach “The Cloud Journey” with the right balance of strategy, technology and governance best adapted to your needs.

Anees Qureshi
One Step Beyond Group SA